Moja x Roja

Gelora Bung Karno is mainly used to hold national soccer matches or massive events. Not many people knew that there was an abandoned space below the stadium. After the space became disused, adaptive reuse was the perfect way to breathe a new life into the old building. This vacant space was proposed to be utilized for sports, specifically roller skating.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Total area: 1.125 m2
Status: Built
Year: 2019
Description: Adaptive reuse

The main challenge is an existing amphitheater inside. Moreover, as a roller skate arena, a continuous lane is essential for people to skate properly. The solution is to create a circular lane which is extended with a sloping ramp to let people skate all the way through the first level of the amphitheater. 80’s vibes, lighting, and graphics help boost a perfect ambience for roller skating.