Museum de Tjolomadoe

Museum de Tjolomadoe is a part of a conversion of an existing sugar factory into a complex of art and cultural venues located in Colomadu, Central Java. One of the programs is to recollect history through education, therefore the museum conserves artifacts, archives, and the historical traces of Colomadu’s development in the past 150 years.

Location: Surakarta, Indonesia
Total area: 1.030 m2
Status: Built
Year: 2018

The layout of the museum itself highlights the power of narration and archives for its eminent, historical values. Visual presentation - with a contemporary approach - combined with local wisdom are designed to attract visitors through both traditional and social media. By context, Surakarta and Karanganyar cannot be separated from their home industry of hand-drawn and traditional print batik, megaliths, and stone temples, as well as the grass-rooted Javanese culture and people.

The museum is designed with a continuous flow of history, knowledge, and art, complete with digital video mapping to create an interactive space. Two local artists were invited to collaborate: Tempa, for the ‘blackout room’, and Wilman Syahnur, for the dioramas.